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Mr. Jalal El-Mir is a lawyer by profession, registered at the Beirut Bar with 20 years of professional experience. Mr. El-Mir has an academic background in business law, with a bachelor’s degree in Private Law from the University of Saint-Joseph (Beirut, Lebanon), and a Master's Degree (DESS) from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon- Sorbonne (Paris, France) in Banking and Financial Law. In addition, he holds since January 2022 a Ph.D. degree in Banking Law from the prestigious University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas (Paris, France).

El Mir integrates the sense of law with business practices: during his broad professional experience, he has acquired extensive expertise in the organizational, legal and financial arrangements of family businesses and personal family institutions. He has also been representing and advising numerous families in the management of their assets and their property and in the organization of their transmission and their investments in order to ensure the preservation of their property and the well-being of family relationships.

El Mir possesses a very amicable and flexible personality while having a rigorous and disinterested professional ethical approach. His remarkable reputation led him to manage the wealth of several families in Lebanon, Cyprus, and most recently in France.


Carla Nasr, boasting over two decades of diverse experience, initially ventured into the dynamic realm of media and digital marketing. With a solid foundation in Communication Art & Digital Marketing Media, she honed her skills and expertise before pivoting to her family's business, which originated in Bahrain and later expanded its footprint to encompass Dubai and other key markets across the Middle East and Gulf regions. Leveraging her profound understanding of regional dynamics, Carla meticulously crafted and executed impactful marketing strategies. Additionally, she provided invaluable advisory services for the management and restructuring of numerous family enterprises, ensuring the delivery of effective solutions and offering continuous support to her esteemed clientele.

Carla seamlessly transitioned into the Corporate Family Business sphere, using her expertise not only in business development but also in the intricate world of real estate. With a rich background in that field, she offers clients personalized service and expert guidance to navigate the complexities of the market and investment landscape. Drawing from her deep understanding and strategic insight, she provides effective solutions tailored to each client's needs. From initial consultation to flawless execution, she provides ongoing support, securing tangible results for her clients. Whether it's finding the perfect property, optimizing investments, or strategizing for long-term growth, Carla is committed to delivering exceptional value every step of the way.


Aya El Horr El Mir has over 20 years of extensive experience in the Human Development field. As a Certified Career & Executive Coach, she works closely with executives and helps them understand their competencies and skills, enhance their performance, identify and reach their goals. She uses highly reliable tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) the Strong Interest Inventory (SII), and the DISC Assessment Tool.

El Horr is also a certified Facilitating Career Development Instructor and she has been certifying Career Services Staff of prominent universities (Qatar University, Carnegie Mellon, etc.) since 2015.

El Horr holds a Doctorate of Business Administration Program at Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble, France and the topic of her dissertation is “The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Gender Equality”. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from West Virginia University, West Virginia, USA and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance from the Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon.


Tony Bou Aoun is a Certified Public Accountant and Financial Advisor with more than 15 years of experience in Lebanon, Europe and GCC countries.

Tony is dedicated to assisting clients achieve business success by helping them establish practical and wide-ranging tax and financial modeling. Focused on providing curated services that span across multiple industries and sectors, he is committed to delivering tailor-made strategic solutions that meet each client’s unique objectives.

Tony has completed an Executive Master in Financial Management from ESA Business School and SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy. And he holds a Bachelor in Finance,in addition to a VAT Compliance Diploma-UAE and is an Accredited Tax Agent in UAE.


Aya Barakat is a trilingual Educational Consultant and Trainer. She is a certified executive, life and career coach, with more than 24 years of experience in the academic and social fields. She mainly specializes in youth, young adults and women empowerment, guiding them on how to gain self-awareness of where they are currently, clarify their personal and professional goals, unlock their potential, and improve their social leadership skills.

Her experience extends to different businesses, educational and social fields. She has worked in schools as a life coach, head of the community service department and counselor for teenagers. She is also a consultant in training teachers and staff in schools and universities on career orientation, bullying, cyberbullying and citizenship. Aya's areas of expertise are interpersonal skills, management skills, HR related skills, and team skills.

She is the founder of the company "Skill Up YOUth" specialized in coaching and mentoring youth and young adults. Aya is also a speaker on TEDxsalons. She is the author of several empowerment programs and camps such as "TAMAKKAN" Leadership and Citizenship program, The "beYOUtiful" program on empowering young girls, "Youth Changemakers" program, "The Great Escape" transformational Teambuilding camp, and "Voices of Power" Women Leadership CamPOWERment.


Mabel Tyan is an attorney at law and a member of the Beirut bar association, she has an academic background as a mediator with a diploma co-signed by the « Centre Professionnel de Mediation » of Saint -Joseph University (Beirut/Lebanon) and the Institute for Training in Mediation and Negotiation of the Catholic Institute of Paris (IFOMENE), in addition she has a Certificate in Arts Management (Ecole Supérieure des Affaires ESA), and holds a Master’s Degree in French and Lebanese Law at the saint Joseph University (Beirut/Lebanon).

Mabel has over 20 years of experience in corporate law and conducted advisory work covering various company legal structures under Lebanese and other jurisdictions, including France, Switzerland, USA, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates. She worked as a Legal Consultant on many projects for the CRI (consultant and research institute) as well as several local and foreign NGOs and Foundations.

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