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Preserving Family
The "Family" is the most crucial element in the preservation of property and inheritance. Therefore, proper management remains the cornerstone of a safe and flexible transmission from one generation to another.
The concept of the Family Office has been developing since its inception in the 6th century, during the management of royal wealth. In 1882, the Rockefellers created their famous Family Office, since then and despite the fact that the coordinator job was not widely known in France and in Europe before the 2000s, it has developed by linking the multi-disciplines to which it was related. We could say they are a one-stop shop for all advice and management-related queries and management.

Nowadays, there are at least 15,000 Family Offices worldwide and at least half of them have been established in the last 15 years.

Pacem logo represents family ties. Family ties are shaped like a Celtic knot that forms a complete loop without a begin not or an end. They represent eternity, in a spirit of loyalty, faith, friendship and love.
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