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Pacem Family

A full-fledged and permanent job, the PACEM Family Office organizes and creates in time a holistic set of advice and services for the economic benefit and harmony of families in a trans-generational vision.

The PACEM Family Office also assists the family in its organization and internal governance for its patrimony-related affairs.

Pacem Services


Investment Strategy and Implementation

  • Investment policy development 
  • Asset allocation plan development

Integrated Financial Strategies

  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Integrated tax and income plan design

Wealth and Estate Transfer Planning

  • Development of objectives 
  • Multi-generational snapshot of existing strategies

Client Information Management

  • Annual consolidated net worth statements
  • Cash flow analysis

Trust Services

  • Trustee fiduciary services 
  • Agent for trustee compliance

Liability Management

  • Trustee liability audit
  • Property and casualty insurance assessment 

Lifestyle Enhancements

  • Tax compliance
  • Property management

Family Continuity-Client Education

  • Family governance
  • Family education plan

Family Philanthropy

  • Multi-generational objectives
  • Personal giving programs